14 August 2017

Our Mighty Aunty Michelle turns 60!

Bought a dozen roses for our dear Aunt Michelle

Off to Ah siang laogu place for the surprise party.
But first, let's take a selfie with mini Mighty Michelle.


The food is thumbs up

With the first generation, our Granny.

Generation 2 group photo

Generation 3 group photo

Generation 4 group photo

Happy birthday to our one and only Ah Siang 

Wonderwoman W logo inverted to become M!
Mighty Michelle. The women in our family are strong!!

Being a big fan of durian gets you a maoshanwang cake for birthday.
Stay happy and healthy always, my dear Aunt.

Thanks Hazel for sponsoring us with Maoshanwang durians. Brings back fond memories of those times where we gathered around the kitchen at Lor Ah Soo and ate durians from the big brown paper bag.

Cake, we want more cake!!

Thank you for having us at your party!
Family together, STRONG!

11 August 2017

Pontang school to watch the Emoji movie

Skipped school to catch the 12.40pm show at Punggol waterway point. 

Posing with their emojis.
Jailbreak, Gene and Hi 5.

Ajisen ramen for lunch.

Movie time!!!

After that we hang out at Toys R Us for a little while before we go off for tuition class.

Had fun with the Lego Nexo knight interactive game for many many rounds.

10 August 2017

Happy birthday to BIL!

MIL whipped out a feast for the celebration.
Crabs and giant prawns!!

Thank you MIL for waking up to do marketing and the hardwork in the kitchen preparing all these haoliao for us to enjoy.

Happy birthday to their favourite 伯伯

09 August 2017

We are Singapore, we are Singapore...

Happy 52nd birthday SINGAPORE!

Enjoying our National day staycay!

We are back here for staycay at Changi Village hotel.
 The kids can't wait to go for their swim.

He doesn't want to put on his swimming top today and it's then I realised how meaty he is.

He had a splashing good time with a new friend he met at the pool.

And the mommy took tons of photo of her girl.

Welfie while waiting for daddy to join us.

Dinner at Changi Hawker is shiok.

At Chock full of beans.
Dark chocolate cake, truffle fries and daddy's coffee fix.

Doing her DJ Suki  [Trolls] dance.

Happy with the jelly candy lollipop she chose.
The night at the cafe ended abruptly when this girl needed to 大便.