17 October 2017

Day 2 Staycay: NINJAGO movie day!

Had western for lunch

Getting ready to go to the movies.

Elliot wanted to watch LEGO NINJAGO and he gave me his best ninja poses.

Leah is really 有样学样

Surprisingly, an awesome movie.
Its so funny and even better than the previous Batman Lego movie.

What is movie without popcorn!!

Time to head back to the resort for more sand action!!

Washed up and drove to Changi Airport for dinner.
Girl looks sleepy..

And knocked out even before food arrive..

Itacho sushi!!!

Very crowded here.

They each chose a pez for their own, Halloween edition. 
It's the last night of our playcation and we're checking out tmr... So fast!!

Time to hit the beach!

16 October 2017

Leah's birthday staycay at Seaview Resort

Our dimsum lunch after fetching the kids from school.
The waitress commented that we order too much.
I think she 傻眼 when she saw us finish up everything LOL!!

Leah's 皮蛋粥

Egg tart


Huge lobsters!!

Then we checked in to Seaview Resort as per requested by Leah for her birthday present.

She loves beach staycays because she can build sandcastles :)

Love the view from our room

Did a little colouring as the weather was too hot to go to the beach.. will post our overwhelming amount of beach pictures in another blog post. 

Went out to tabao dinner from Changi Village Hawker.
Hokkien mee, Char kway teow, Fried rice, BBQ Wings, Satays, French fries and Coleslaw.

Gege and Dasao joined us for dinner!

Satay girl

We also bought her a small cake on our way back from the Hawker Centre.

Happy birthday Leah!!
Mommy loves you xx.