18 March 2018

Sunday, the last day of holiday.

Church day!
Then the kids get a movie treat, Sherlock Gnomes.

Spend $20 to redeem two activities at the atrium of Seletar Mall.

Photo booth.

Claw machine.
Elliot was in the queue for 20 minutes. 

I'm flying!!!

He needs to pick up all the marine trash in 30 seconds to win a prize.

The little things that made his day.

17 March 2018

Day 2: Had a blast at Legoland

Rise and shine!
Breakfast at Burger King and the kids are planning their itinerary for Legoland already.

Today is just another crazy hot weather here.
Leah's favourite. Paddle Pop.

Technic Twister.
Poor Leah, too short for most rides.

Hello papa and korkor!!

Stepped into Lego Mindstorms and was pleasantly surprised with the Lego display. 

There's no limit to creativity.. 

Sat down and started building with legos.
Stealing their airconditioning at the same time.

Went for the workshop at Lego Academy to learn to build a windmill with pulley.

Ok, it's time to move to our next attraction on the list.

Starwars mini land, here we come!!

Managed to convince Elliot to go for the Dragon Apprentice roller coaster. Told him it's for little kids and totally not scary at all.

First in the line. Yay!

And we secure the best seats in the house.

Ready, steady, here we go...

Looks like he regret much.

Elliot wanted to go for the Merlins's Challenge again.
And GW bumped into an old friend here.

Aquazone wave racers. Cool beans and they went for it twice. Leah was snoozing away in the stroller.

Had a quick lunch at Legoland's Market Restaurant.

Legoland Express!

All aboard!

Ninjago puppet show.

Master Wu!

Went for the Ninjago ride again.

His favourite Ninjago.

At the Land of Imagination. 
Silly them, doing their zombie walk.

It rained heavily for about 10 minutes.
And here we are out to play again!

Duplo Express!

Family Selfie after catching the 4D movie at Lego Studios.

The first Lego VR coaster.
But it is nothing of this girl's business because she's underage plus under the height requirement.

Daddy and Elliot were game enough to go for it!
It has a 30 min waiting time though.

One last flying before we bid goodbye to Legoland.

 Visited the Mini land before exiting to get dinner and a much needed rest.